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facial hair removal for women and men

user posted imageEPISTICK
An easy tools at home hair removal
girls no more trips to the beauticians, now you can purchase this fabulous Epi-care today and achieve professional results within seconds anytime and anywhere, simply bend and twist.

his is a simple spring, in which the gap of the spring catches on to the hair when moved in motions and pulls the hair out from the roots.
Why is Epi-care a winner over other hair removal products?
Safe method

Epi-care does not nip or cut your skin!
Epi-care does not cause skin burns or pigmentation

Natural method
Epi-care avoids use of water, shaving cream or messy wax.

Children as young as 12 and pregnant women can safely use Epicare .
Epicare is less painful than waxing or threading.

Epi-care does not require batteries or electric supply.

Effective method

With Epi-care several strands are removed at a time.

Epi-care is small and light weight so you can simply pop it into your hand bag to take around with you anywhere or on holiday, to give you a longer lasting beautiful look!

With regular Epicare usage hair re-growth will be both finer and slower as the hair is removed directly from the root, weakening the hair follicle's ability to regenerate resulting in a smooth hair free face for longer!

This device can be used as many times as you want and kept for as long you need! Care must be maintained.

To clean, simply bend the Epi-care like an inverted 'U' and shake off the trapped hair. Wipe with a clean dry cloth or tissue. Do not wash Epicare in water. Episafe is not waterproof and should be used on dry, clean skin.
Please note this device is NOT SUITABLE FOR EYEBROW.



How to use the Epi-care :

1. Bend the Epi-care into an upside down U.

2. Place the bar on the area to be epilated (note: Not for use on eyebrows, armpits or bikini area).

3. Hold the handles at each end and twist the bar inwards and outwards.

4. You will feel a tingling sensation from which the spring catches the hair, as the hair is removed from the roots.

5. Redness or irritation may occur, this is only temporary and should subside, and use of a moisturiser is recommended

With funky colors to choose from, you get a savings of over C$ 300/- every year! Click Here to Read More

1. No waxing – May cause facial skin to sag over a period of time
2. No shaving – Causes in grown hair and rough hair growth
3. No bleaching – Can cause chemicals burns
4. No tweezing – Tedious as hair has to be pulled out individually
5. No laser – Expensive, time consuming and it is not always effective
Safe your cost now


Re:Epicare, Apr 9 2011, 11:50 PM
hi joey ...

i like it very much as it removes my facial hair easily with slight pain

nice product i would say ... might get one from u in future if my epicare spoilt ... thanks for your fast service

[quote]1)me! Re:epicare, Yesterday, 11:53 AM
item recieved. but how to use it??? lol
2)werepika Re:epicare, Yesterday, 05:54 PM
3)lindaraof Re:item received!! , Today, 09:38 PM
thanks...very effective wo...i already removed all my upper lips hair...
good product!!!
4)lindaraof Re:EPICARE, Today, 11:33 AM fren try them and love it...k! i'll post at ur thread after i made payment... i want one black and one pink please...
latest testimonial EMily 0149510574 15/11/10
WOW this thing are really amazing tq lot miss my frndz also love it.I tell them your number then ok ?hehhe

post Today, 12:51 AM
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hey dear ,

Wanna inform u ,I already received ur item in good condition,and that I liked it so muchhh ! It's really work as well , My boyfriend also liked it cause it can remove hair then after that he face looked soft and smooth ,

Thanks so much yaa smile.gif


post Jan 25 2011, 12:54 AM
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QUOTE(joey2383 @ Jan 19 2011, 10:16 PM)
rosedart i have pm u ya smile.gif

just got the product.. it is working!! Initially i was worried if the product works...but now, i guarantee it works. I can save the threading money from now on.... biggrin.gif


post Feb 7 2011, 12:17 AM
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Is the hair removal still available? Can you pls PM me the details smile.gif

Added on February 7, 2011, 12:47 pmHi.

I have made the payment.
Pls check your PM.

Added on February 8, 2011, 9:06 pmhi!

Just wanna let you know that I have received my pinky epicare today!
Before, I actually doubt that its gonna work, but after testing it just now, all I can say is that I'm so relieved that I no longer have to waste my money buying wax strips or going to the waxing salon anymore. Epicare works just as good!
An awesome seller too! Super fast deal! Haha made an essay already tongue.gif
Take care!


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  Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 6:22 PM
To: joey lee
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I already bought it from I contacted you by sms.
now i gave your number  to my sister and friends because i am very satisfied with epicare..biggrin.gif

have a good day..
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Best Regards,.....

            ¸ •´ ¸.•*´¨)   ¸.•*¨)
          (¸.•´      (¸.•*      ♥♥♥...♪

Re:epicare, Yesterday, 05:06 PM
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hai dear..

i already received the item..

tqvm ya..

Attached Image

user posted image
user posted image
1)siti( epicare-tracking number lg 114308372my-received dd 28/7/10
2)qila( epicare-tracking number lg114308409my-received dd
3)norasiah-1 pcs epicare-tracking number:lg114306615my(RECEIVED)
4)suryana ahmad-1pcs epicare-tracking numberlg114306853my
5)liyana_sha-1 pcs epicare-tracking number-lg114306867my
6)fur_elise89-1pcs epicare-lg114306875my
7)roystand rupert-1pcs epicare-lg114306884my
8)norakma-1pcs epicare-lg 114844279my
9)tobleroness-1pcs epicare-lg11585763my
10)saddiq salleh-1pcs epicare-LG114891866my
11)polarbear-2pcs epicare-LG114891870my reorder again:lg114890724my
12)Noraisah Banu Binti Kassim(mudah customer)-LG115871182my
13)zamri-1pcs epicare-lg115871219my
14)Nava3101-1pcs epicare-LG 114891906MY
15)shinzhizu-1pcs epicare-LG115871205my
16)sundaymonday-1pcs epicare-lg116365797my
17)colorofbeauty-1pcs epicare-lg115871369my
18)jasmine sia-epicare 1pcs-lg117796714my
19)fiza-1pcs epicare-lg117796731my
20)keroline-1pcs epicare-lg117796728my
21)zuliza(lelong)-1pcs epicare-lg115871386my
22)anita 2pcs epicare-lg117796762my
25)SUNDAYMONDAY-REORDER 3 PINKY EPICARE-lg118309475my (restock again)
26)lili suriati-epicare-1 black epicare-lg115871338my
27)maizon epicare-1 black epicare-lg118308293my
28)atiqah-epicare 1 pink epicare-lg17742092my
29)dila-epicare-1pink epicare-lg
30)christina-epicare-2 black-lg118275825my
31)puterididi-1pcs epicare pink-lg118275811my
32)izwani-10pcs epicare-ld113575584my
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42)md naim-1pcs epicare black-lg118198085my 30/10/10
43)pohyi90-1pcs epicare black-lg119883005my 8/11/10
44)nurul hidayah-1pcs epicare-LG117743376my 11/11/10
45hashimah-1pcs epicare pink-LG119882985my 18/11/10
46)amni zahidah-1pcs epicare pinky-LG11774393my 20/11/10
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54)eva razali 1pcs epicare black-lg12206474my 23/12/10
55)emy-1pcs epicare black-lg121647977my 3/1/11
56)nor hairum -epicare black-en325393730my 3/1/11
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61)michelle tee -1epicare -black-lg122574180my 19/1/11
62)li siing-1epicare pink-lg122574905my 21/1/11
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86)mohamad farhan -1pcs epicare pink -lg126339757my 15/3/11
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167 HOOI YIN RM273876690MY 21/9/12 1 EPISTICK

169 ANGEL WONG 2PCS EM273876615MY
170 SITI HAJAR 1 PCS EM273976655MY 1/9/12

171 HASLINDA 2PCS EM 273876536MY
172 NOOR AISYAH EM273876575MY


174 NOR AIN 1PCS RM117802644MY


176 HAFSAH 1PCS EM117802539MY

177 MOHD DAIYAN EM117802560MY

178 SOFIANHADI EM085347408MY

179 RAIDAHUSNA EM085347399MY


181  CHOLE LEE EM200976520MY


183 NUR BAIZURA RM200976635MY

184 AZLINA EM20097642MY



187 LEE YU SIEN 1PCS EPICARE RD9943004790MY 20/3/12

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400- miss F 2pcs epistick black and pinkn

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