Monday, June 17, 2013

how to prevent hair loss and choose the right shampoo and hair care

How to prevent hair loss 

Not only the middle age male are facing the threats of bald, but also all the people, different ages, different races, different body situation, are facing the possible problem of #hair loss.
A lot of reasons can lead the hair loss. Some of them can cause the permanent, such as Excessive hair loss; and some of them can cause temporary hair loss.
If you unfortunately have the problem of permanent hair loss, you need to ask your doctor for the proper treatment or medicine. Here are some tips to help treat the Excessive hair loss.
  1. Choose the natural material combs or brushes. The best are wood or horn. Try to avoid plastic combs which can cause the static electricity. Using the wooden or horn combs can help prevent the flake and massage the scalp, increasing the blood circulation, stimulating the hair growing.
  2. Keep the hair clean. Wash hair on daily basis or every other day. Do not use too hot water. Massage scalp while washing hair. Try to avoid hair drier.
  3. Choose the right shampoo.  Do not use the shampoo that can make hair too dry. Organic or all natural hair shampoo is a good choice.  Do not always use the same shampoo and conditioner. Change them on regular basis.
  4. Quit smoking.  Smoking can cause the blood capillary of scalp shrink which is bad for hair growth.
  5. Take enough rest, release pressure. Pressure can cause very serious physical problem, including excessive hair loss. Deep breath, regular exercise and walking can help release pressure.

kaffier lime ( for hair loss begining)

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