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MOMO enchancement your breast now with confident

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Double up ur current bra size right now with MOMO only
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Ladies get ready with your MOMO challenges

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MOMO Breast Enlargement Discover the O 5 Technology of Bust-up MOMO Breast Enlargement Estrogen preserves the main on beauty and health of women. As a result, changes of estrogen become far more prominent than those of men. Human body secrete more than 75 type of estrogen, several of estrogen regulate body metabolism, reproduction and stimulates the development and growth. It does affect puberty period and emotional performance, the main factor is to maintain a balance action of the organ system of the body. Once it is imbalanced, pathological changes might appear. Estrogen plays a main role whether a person able to achieve physical and mental health. On age of 21-22 is a peak period of puberty and endocrine. Starting from age of 25, estrogen secretes levels will decrease (every 10 years decrease 15%) will cause aging and atrophy of body organs and tissues, dull of skin, breast ptosis and unsatisfactory sexual attraction, etc. On age of 60, estrogen secretes levels only around 1/5 compare to puberty period. 首屈一指的天然与健康丰胸的研制科技 Discover the O 5 Technology of Bust-up 3-5天:活化脑下垂体重新分泌HGH及其它青春荷尔蒙的功能,促进胸部发育成长 。 效果反应:乳房热涨、鼓鼓的感觉。 5-9天:营养补充全身,激活衰退的乳腺,加速乳腺细胞的分裂生成,补充乳房营养。 效果反应:乳房觉得紧实拉提。 9-12天:女性荷尔蒙自然分泌旺盛,逆转心理及生理上老化现象,自信由内而外散发。 效果反应:乳头粉嫩朝上、胸型明显增加、紧实、热情。 12-16天:荷尔蒙达到平衡,器官组织功能增强。 效果反应:胸部增大紧实、自信心增加、心情愉快、改善性冷感。 16-20天:有如“第三度发育期”,散发女性由内而外的光彩。 3-5 days: revitalizing the pituitary to secrete HGH and estrogen, therefore stimulate the growth of breast Effects: Breast feels swollen 5-9 days: nutrient supplement to body and breast, activate and accelerate the division of mammary gland cells Effects: breast feels denser 9-12days: Stimulate the secretion of estrogen that will positively affect physiology and psychology of women Effects: better breast shape, nipple pinkish 12-16 days: Feminine tissues and organs enhancement when Estrogens balance Effects: breast firm and enlarged, self confident, satisfactory of sexual attraction 16-20 days: Feminine inner self confident like “third puberty period” 甘草萃取精华:甘草里含有甘草素,有助于平衡女性体内的激素含量。甘草所含的次酸能阻断致癌物诱发肿瘤生长的作用。 Pueraria Lobata : Pueraria extract: isoflavones can simulate estrogen effectively stimulate mammary gland restore the elasticity of the skin of the breast area, re-development increased firm. 野葛根萃取:野葛根所富含的异黄酮能模拟雌激素有效刺激乳腺以及腺泡,恢复乳房部位皮肤的弹性,促使其重新发育增大结实。 建议服用方式: 每日餐前/候服用一小包 建议冲泡方式: 每小包以150毫升常温水冲泡

Suggestion Dosage: Take 1 sachet per day before/after meal Serving Suggestion: Mix with one glass (150ml) of water 一盒 (20包 / 20 pkts)
1 box (WM) RM180 (EM) RM185 interested

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— in Malaysia.
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after 5 days sachets she got big different in use MOMO
after using MOMO for 7 days she is satisfied with her own asset right now

she look confident now with MOMO who said mature lady cannot be gorgeous

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last promotion grab only sexy cstring underwear

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facing hair loss just like below advertisement? no worries home remedies here

are you currently facing hair loss problem just like below situation???
if yes dont give up there is still hope hair loss home remedies.
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Get  a home remedies now recommended product
as per below:
Causes of hair loss problem
Hair loss
Love Text
Also called alopecia (al-o-PEE-shah)
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man with hair loss Hereditary hair loss. Millions of men and women have hereditary hair loss. This type of hair loss can often be successfully treated.
Everyone loses hair. It is normal to lose about 50-100 hairs every day. If you see bald patches or lots of thinning, you may be experiencing hair loss.
There are many causes of hair loss. Women may notice hair loss after giving birth. People under a lot of stress can see noticeable hair loss. Some diseases and medical treatments can cause hair loss.
Even how you style and care for your hair can cause hair loss.
The most common cause of hair loss is a medical condition called hereditary hair loss. About 80 million men and women in the United States have this type of hair loss. Other names for this type of hair loss are:

Attached Image Male-pattern baldness.Attached Image
Female-pattern baldness.
Androgenetic alopecia.

Luckily, most causes of hair loss can be stopped or treated. Anyone troubled by hair loss should see a dermatologist. These doctors specialize in treating our skin, hair, and nails.
Learn more about hair loss
Hair loss( alopecia)

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Looking for ways of treating the hair CHEAP, EFFECTIVE and SAFE???'
SPENDING THOUSAND RINGGIT IN HAIR SALON BUT RESULT FAIL???and wanted Give up?? wait a minutes dont give up read on
THERE IS STILL GOT HOPE here... so dont sad because being bald soon.
To know the treatment for damaged hair? Dry? Loss? Gray? follow me

user posted image

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To treat scalp itching area? Scabby?

Here are some special products for hair from Tropica Bioherb natural plant-based. Many have tried and it was very effective

For those who have a critical problem, you can try to use this product in 5 to 6 months. But most users of this product have been getting positive results in a short time.

90% of us begin to treat only when it is too late.

Do not wait for a new hair shaft buried like acting!

9/10 users we give positive feedback.

100% Herbal, Halal, Easy & Saving !!

Package price
hair loss restoration
free postage ( pos laju )
package 1 rm 95

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herbal serum + herba shampoo ( can choose pearl cream or Pomegranate cream) only rm90

Package 2 Incentive treatment serious hair loss
Rm 135

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gingseng serum + herba shampoo +herbal pearl cream or Pomegranate cream ( choose)

while promotion stock last

Best shampoo for hair loss

Attached Image

: One of the best herbal syampo available in the market as produced from natural herbs. A mixture of herbal extracts and coconut oil gives a very good effect on hair and scalp problems such as hair loss, itching, sores, hair tangled and broken.

     Addressing the problem of dandruff and lice
     Overcoming scabby scalp
     Coping with tangled hair and break
     Softens hair without conditioner
     hair growth

How to Use:

Can be used daily without side effects. Allow 2 to 3 minutes on the hair before rinsing with water. Recommended uses ginseng cream, hair serum and cream pearls / pomegranate for better results after using syampo.


DI Water, Fruit Enzyme, Virgin Coconut Oil, Herbal Extract, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, DEA Cocomid, Lanolin, Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Pathenol, Glyceryl Monostearate, Methylchloroisathiazo Linone.

price: rm 35

[SIZE=7]GINSENG SERUM ( BEST SELLING) serious hair loss[U]

Attached Image

Treatment of ginseng make scalp hair and hair structure more nutrition to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth.

     Prevent hair loss
     Promote the growth of hair roots
     hair growth
     Always keep the scalp healthy
     Preserving structure is always fresh and healthy hair
     Addressing the problem of scalp itching and sores

How to Use:

Clean the scalp and hair in advance. Recommended use herbal shampoo Tropica Bioherb because there are enzymes that promote the growth of hair follicles. Then smooth the cream full of ginseng to the surface of the scalp and hair structure.
price: rm75


Kaffir Lime Herbal Serum ( early detect hair loss problem)

Attached Image

What is the serum?

Aqua Serum is a highly potent, magical and effective to treat hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff, baldness and gray hair. Processed without the use of fuel, heat and chemicals. It is not greasy and has a delicate molecules and can absorb directly into the scalp to the hair root. Serves as a sacred hair fertilizer, clean and can be brought prayer.


     New hair growth
     Solve problems itching, dandruff and itch
     Turns hair root cells
     Hair structure becomes soft, healthy and not break
     Scalp clean and healthy
     Merapi tangled hair
     Get rid of headaches, stress, migraine
     Reduce fever
     Avoid tired and drowsy

How to Use:

For hair that is very problematic and critical, such as shedding, itching or sores, dandruff, gray hair allergies. Recommended to apply the cream day and night serum or ginseng. Ensure scalp with shampoo herbal cleaned before wearing. Scrub and gently massage for the scalp and hair. Users are recommended to use the serum every day and should avoid the use of other hair cream.


Serum produced from natural herbs and plants that are not contaminated by chemicals. Basic materials such as coconut oil, lime extract, pistachio, white hibiscus, basil, herbs and green plants to another.
price: RM 35

PEARL CREAM ( Recommended for women hair loss
Attached Image
Structure herbal cream softer and smoother.

Excess     Prevent hair loss
     Promote hair growth
     Eliminate itching and sores
     Healthy scalp
     Remove heat head

How to Use:

Wear pearl cream during the day. Scrub and gently massage the scalp for 5 minutes to occur on skin absorption. Recommended use serum or ginseng at night.

Virgin Coconut Oil, Nut, White Hibiscus, Papaya Seed, Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Sintok And Basic Materials Cream.
price: rm 25

Pomegranate cream  Suitable for men hair loss

Attached Image

Attached Image

Structure more concentrated cream and fine herbs.


     Prevent hair loss
     Promote hair growth
     Eliminate itching and sores
     Healthy scalp
     Remove heat head

How to Use:

Wear Pomegranate cream during the day. Scrub and gently massage the scalp for 5 minutes to occur on skin absorption. Recommended use serum or ginseng at night.

Virgin Coconut Oil, Nut, White Hibiscus, Papaya Seed, Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Sintok And Basic Materials Cream.
price:: rm25

user posted image

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

EPI-stick EASY FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL, make your self beauty in this big hari raya

Im so tired with shaving my upper lips/ my face and now no more with epistick i have meet

no more messy bleaching/ shaving with make the hair grow coarse and its just like threading but more easy to used.


WITH EPI-stick EASY FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL, ( non canada Type ) ^____^


1. No waxing – May cause facial skin to sag over a period of time
2. No shaving – Causes in grown hair and rough hair growth
3. No bleaching – Can cause chemicals burns
4. No tweezing – Tedious as hair has to be pulled out individually
5. No laser – Expensive, time consuming and it is not always effective

Safe your cost now


price: rm20 only per pcs ( i only free pos register)

pos laju rm8west malaysia ,east malaysia rm10


wechat : joey2383

whatsapp/sms 0123757185 


to make your order right now.




Re:Epicare, Apr 9 2011, 11:50 PM
hi joey ...

i like it very much as it removes my facial hair easily with slight pain

nice product i would say ... might get one from u in future if my epicare spoilt ... thanks for your fast service


me! Re:epicare, Yesterday, 11:53 AM
item recieved. but how to use it??? lol
2)werepika Re:epicare, Yesterday, 05:54 PM
3)lindaraof Re:item received!! , Today, 09:38 PM
thanks...very effective wo...i already removed all my upper lips hair...
good product!!!
4)lindaraof Re:EPICARE, Today, 11:33 AM fren try them and love it...k! i'll post at ur thread after i made payment... i want one black and one pink please...
latest testimonial EMily 0149510574 15/11/10
WOW this thing are really amazing tq lot miss my frndz also love it.I tell them your number then ok ?hehhe

post Today, 12:51 AM
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From: Johor Bahru . Pasir Gudang-Tmn Perling

hey dear ,

Wanna inform u ,I already received ur item in good condition,and that I liked it so muchhh ! It's really work as well , My boyfriend also liked it cause it can remove hair then after that he face looked soft and smooth ,

Thanks so much yaa smile.gif


post Jan 25 2011, 12:54 AM
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(joey2383 @ Jan 19 2011, 10:16 PM)
rosedart i have pm u ya smile.gif

just got the product.. it is working!! Initially i was worried if the product works...but now, i guarantee it works. I can save the threading money from now on.... biggrin.gif


post Feb 7 2011, 12:17 AM
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Is the hair removal still available? Can you pls PM me the details smile.gif

Added on February 7, 2011, 12:47 pmHi.

I have made the payment.
Pls check your PM.

Added on February 8, 2011, 9:06 pmhi!

Just wanna let you know that I have received my pinky epicare today!
Before, I actually doubt that its gonna work, but after testing it just now, all I can say is that I'm so relieved that I no longer have to waste my money buying wax strips or going to the waxing salon anymore. Epicare works just as good!
An awesome seller too! Super fast deal! Haha made an essay already tongue.gif
Take care!

Add star
  Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 6:22 PM
To: joey lee
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I already bought it from I contacted you by sms.
now i gave your number  to my sister and friends because i am very satisfied with epicare..biggrin.gif

have a good day..
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Best Regards,.....

            ¸ •´ ¸.•*´¨)   ¸.•*¨)
          (¸.•´      (¸.•*      ♥♥♥...♪

Re:epicare, Yesterday, 05:06 PM
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hai dear..

i already received the item..

tqvm ya..

Attached Image
user posted image

user posted image

1)siti( epicare-tracking number lg 114308372my-received dd 28/7/10
2)qila( epicare-tracking number lg114308409my-received dd
3)norasiah-1 pcs epicare-tracking number:lg114306615my(RECEIVED)
4)suryana ahmad-1pcs epicare-tracking numberlg114306853my
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137)teh liang seng -1pcs epicare black em02086940my 12/7/11
138 sapiah saidin 1pcs epicare black rd882001355my 12/7/11
139)imam shahriah-1pcs epicarw black-em020869436my 12/7/11
140)sarah-1pcs epicare-em016134994my 13/4/11
141)erlyn 1pcs pink epicare rd87379305my 14/7/11
142)nurfarahin 1 pcs pink epicare lg129648284my 26/7/11
143)nur hayati 1pcs pink epicare lg130608225my 26/7/11
145)shamine-1pcs epicare rd919309558my 1/8/11
146)edyrian 4pcs epicare rd879461961my 2/8/11
147)erma juliana -1pcs epicare rd879461944my 2/8/11
148 sabrina sakina 1pcs epicare rd909256515my 8/8/11
149)hani 2pcs epicare em020864527my 11/8/11
150)parven 1pcs epicare rd907740712my 12/8/11
151)nur fazira 1pcs epicare rd90774075my 12/8/11
152)leong soon seng 1 epicare rd907740730my 12/8/11
153 huzanah 2pcs epicare em175525146my 25/8/11
154)koh boon luck 1pcs epicare rd927432429my
155fadhilina 1 pcs  em175525013MY 14/9/11
156)amni 7pcs epicare em021006661my 14/9/11
157)nurma 1pcs epicare 14.9/11rd94953496my 14/9/11
158)zuraidah 2pcs epicare rd949503095my 19/9/11\
159)ainatul 1pcs epicare rd94950363my 20/9/11
160)shopaholics 1epicare rd94950626my 21/9/11
161 zareen 1pcs epiacre em021006635my 22/9/11
162 noraida 1pcs epicare rd949505539my 27/9/11
163 alia 1pcs epicare rd942954555my 5/10/11
164 anuvinder epicare em027540707my 5/10/11
165 asratul epicare em027540684my 5/10/11
166 sepedebab epicare em027546015my 7/10/11

167 HOOI YIN RM273876690MY 21/9/12 1 EPISTICK

169 ANGEL WONG 2PCS EM273876615MY
170 SITI HAJAR 1 PCS EM273976655MY 1/9/12

171 HASLINDA 2PCS EM 273876536MY
172 NOOR AISYAH EM273876575MY


174 NOR AIN 1PCS RM117802644MY


176 HAFSAH 1PCS EM117802539MY

177 MOHD DAIYAN EM117802560MY

178 SOFIANHADI EM085347408MY

179 RAIDAHUSNA EM085347399MY


181  CHOLE LEE EM200976520MY


183 NUR BAIZURA RM200976635MY

184 AZLINA EM20097642MY



187 LEE YU SIEN 1PCS EPICARE RD9943004790MY 20/3/12

188 A KISHANTI 1PCS ED0308055445MY

189 NURSHAM EM214833075MY 3PCS

190 ravi kumar -2pcs epicare em200977406my 16/10/12

191 kris liew 1 pcs epicare em200977366my 16/10/12
192 liey arshad 1pcs em32924567my 5/11/12
193 yahmuna 2 pcs epicare em225780375my 25/11/12

194epistick  r pravina 1 pcs epistick em354217423my
195aizzat 2pcs epi stick em329245745nt
196 siti hajar 1pcs epi stick rm354217406my
197 r pravina 1 epistick em354217123my

198 kanna krisna 2 epistick em354217366my 11/1/13

199 suraya 1 epistick em354217383my

200 cik kucing 1 epistick em200977397my

201 maziah 1 epistick em329245714my 22/1/13

202 romizi 10pcs epistick cod

203  dora anak ling epicare pink em147982366my 2/2/13

204 hanisah 1 psc epistick black em147982349my 2/2/13

205 ainul 1pcs epistick black em147982321my 6/2/13

205 synn 1pcs epistick em378475775my 8/2/13

206 shanta rajen epistick 8pcs em378475798my

207 reggie 3pcs epistick  em378476063my 18/2/13

208 rahayu 1 pcs epistcik em378476010my 19/2/13

209abdul rahman 1pcs epistick em378476042my 26/2/13

300 zalilah 1pcs epistick black em405652716my 27/2/13
301 karniza 1 pcs black em394469632my 1/3/13
302 shero r- 2pcs black epistick em39446964my 10/3/13
303 miss T- 1pcs black epistick em39446950my 21/3/13
304) farah 1 epistick black em394469495ny 25/3/13
305 merni 1 epistick pink em394469535my 30/3/13
306 bavani 2 pcs epistick em394469368my 16/4/13
307 iili- 2pcs epistick 6/5/13 em394469425my
308 azzura- 2pcs epistick pink 1 black em394469354my 9/5/13
309 aliff- 1pcs epistick pink 21/5/13
310)miss Sya 1 pcs epistock 15.713 em378475965my
311) miss Syuk 1 pcs epistick pink 23/7/13 em378475943my
312) missLYC - 1pcs epistick pink em378475930my 24/7/13
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