Saturday, February 1, 2014

ameryllis nature latest product sunscreen balm

  • Happy chinese new year to all my customer ameryllis nature latest product sunscreen balm
  • Ever imagined that you are searching store after store but no sunscreen is suiting your skin? One is too oily and the other too thick in composition.
  • Having fun now with our ameryllis sunscreen balm with gentle spf25 protection.
  • with the price Rm25 only.
  • Ingredients lavender, Eucalyptus , peppermint soothing and repair skin regeneration tissue and healing properties from sunburn,reduce scaring, jojoba oil and coconut oil moisture for all skin from oily to dry skin and zinc oxide protection from Uva and uvb violet.interested?
  • how to make an order?
Place an order now with me joey wechat /instagram /linejoey2383 or whatsapp 0123757185


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