Sunday, March 23, 2014

Have you ever seen a jar of cold cream and wondered what it does? The answer is pretty amazing: Cold cream makes your skin younger-looking, clearer, and hydrated! The product is a moisturizer, deep-cleanser, acne-treatment, make-up remover, and face-mask all in one! Cold creams predate all of the acne products and complicated regimens we have today. In fact, women have been using it since the year 200 to take care of their skin! Here are several beauty-related applications that really work. Introduce cold cream ameryllis which consists beeswax,rosewater,lavender oil,sweet orange oil,grapefruits essential oil,almond oil, price so affordable only rm26 for 30g without synthetic I personally demonstrate how to use it remove my lipstick makeup on my on hands which leave it so clean and brightens. this cold creamsuitable for sensitive, dry skin and double up for ladies as makeup remover. ‪#‎coldcream‬‪#‎makeupremover‬ ‪#‎Malaysia‬ ‪#‎women‬‪#‎sell‬ ‪#‎cosmetic‬ interested pls pm me for ordering now wechat/instagram joey2383 whatsapp /viber fb

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