Friday, April 11, 2014

secret beauty of ancient beauty 1950s cold cream

Secret beauty of vintage classic beauty 1950s celebrity using cold cream. Today I'm describe how  to Cleanse With Cold Cream?                       Pull your hair back with a headband or clip. Scoop out a cherry size dollop of cream and apply to forehead, apples of cheeks, jaw line, neck and collar bone.Using your middle and ring fingers, start making small circle beginning at the forehead. Continue all along the hairline, work your way around your face paying close attention to areas prone to clog pores.Still using your middle and ring fingers, cleanse the neck and chest trying to avoid any downward tugging of the skin.Wet wipe or sponge with warm water (or you can leave it dry) and begin at the forehead again to gently wipe the cream off. Rinse the wipe several times during the wiping process.Lastly wipe the chest and neck, again avoiding any downward tugging of the skin.Use any finishing skin products when done if you wish (toner or added moisturizer if desired.). Moisturizer is usually not necessary after cleansing with cold cream.You may find that you will need to exfoliate more often when using cold cream. That’s because the extra moisture creates a barrier on the skin that can prevent skin from flaking. Interested order ameryllis cold Cream price rm26 only wechatjoey2383 or whatsapp0123757185

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