Monday, June 16, 2014

ameryllis soap bags for handmade soap ameryllis nature

dang!!! dang !!! We just have new item in our store which suitable for everyone
Introducing our Ameryllis soap bag, to store handmade soap in the shower or facial washing time!

what is the function of the soap bag?
- this ameryllis soap bag help you create more bubbles for your face,body and even hair when cleansing time.
- save the usage of soap each time and extending the lifespan of soap
- keep the soap dry after each use
- its help to exfoliate the skin

insert the handmade soap into the bag mix with water and it will create bubbles ! After usage, hang the bag with the soap inside and leave it to dry in your bath room.
Simply easy usage for everyone. i love this soap bag!!

Price: RM5 each bag
Limited quantities available! faster grab it now
pm me joey to grab it
wechat/instagram joey2383/whatsapp/viber 0123757185

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