Tuesday, June 3, 2014

how to protect your handmade soap with ameryllis soap bag

How to protect your handmade soap and Helps prevent dry skin and aids in proper skin care.
Use this soap bag ameryllis to create creamy rich bubbles to help keep your skin clean and smoother than ever.
This item is ideal for those with gentle skin who are looking for a great, simple change to their beauty regimen.
These bubble foam makers are not intended for direct use on the skin. Below is the step how to take care your handmade soap  1) put handmade soap inside bag 2) mix with water and create bubble foam 3) cleansing your face and enjoy your natural handmade soap from ameryllis. Interested? Pm me Joey wechat Joey2383 whatSapp 0123757185www.ameryllisnatureskincare.WordPress.com

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