Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ameryllis breast milk aka mothermilk soap finish cutting first batche

Just finish cutting off ameryllis customer order ‪#‎breastmilksoap‬ aka‪#‎mothermilksoap‬ feeling satisfied now and now waiting curing period for 1.5 month huhuhu traditional soap making method thanks so support ameryllis nature.Every loving mum will know that breast feeding is the greatest gift a mother could give to their lovely babies. The magnitude benefits of breast milk are unlimited. Most commonly know would be good in digestion, strengthening baby's immune systems. But do you know that its also packed with load of rich natural nutrients which also moisturizes the skin, leaving skin soft and smooth. Benefit mother milk wauuu healing eczema,burn, infection and many skin disorder. more ever mother didn't have too worried extra breast milk to be throw out and waste. .www.ameryllisnatureskincare.WordPress.com ‪#‎satisfaction‬ #breastmilksoap #mothermilksoap

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