Sunday, September 14, 2014

benefit breast feeding turn your milk soap now with ameryllis nature

what a a great diagram .
dear mummy benefit to breastfeed your baby as listed why not customize your extra breast milk to soap which benefit to baby and family skin
interested to customize breast milk soap? pm us now
wechat joey2383/whatsapp 0123757185
we having different type cute soap mold,herbal powder and essential oil
lets not throw your excess milk and turn it into soap now

We are providing custom made breast milk soap. if you have any extra milk and wish to customise something benefit to yourself ,baby and family member? pm us now
it’s another way of showing your love to your baby using your breast milk soap
place customize breast milk soap with me Joey. pm me wechatjoey2383 /whatsapp 0123757185
How to custom made breast milk soap:
1. Prepare 350ml breast milk, breast milk must be in frozen ice form.i.Pack the breast milk ice into Styrofoam box, put some ice sheet/ ice gel pad into the box. (We will return these ice sheet/ ice gel pack to you together with your breast milk soap)

and call us to make appointment to arrange for milk collection if in cheras area. ( coffee box jalan sembilang/petronas station jalan sembilang
for outside area KL pls arrange your delivery with TAQBIN [ yamato transport]/pos laju

price: 500g [5-7 bar] rm95

pric 1kg rm10-4 bar rm120

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