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testimonial user lemon i collagen

testimonial user i lemon collagen

28 Days Sparkling Diamond-Clear Beautiful Skin!
Just choose the right one, don’t choose the expensive one! 
Beautify the skin thoroughly, living healthily, is the king of the ways!
AGING is women’s natural enemies, but as time goes by, all women must face this cruel phenomenon. How to keep our skin always remain moist and smooth, so that the face can bloom young? This is the question that a lot of women want to know the answer eagerly.
In the process of challenging the time, women were exhausted by using all the ways, comprising of a variety of moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cosmetics by wiping on the face continuously, the face became a battlefield of women to struggle with anti-aging, but nevertheless, aging will still happened. This is because the surface is not the cause of aging, but the loss of protein in the body, which is so called COLLAGEN.
33 Functions of Lemon iCollagen
• Solve the dry hair and hair falls problem
• Reduce black eye and eye-bag issue
• Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet
• Brighten the eyes
• Effective prevention of gingivitis and other dental, oral diseases
• Solve the problem of acne and acne scars
• Reduce pigmentation
• Dilute melanin, black spots, freckles and age spots
• Improve the breast development issues
• Firming, enlarge and enhance breasts size
• Strengthen the nails
• Whitening and lightening the skin
• Restore the skin’s elasticity 
• Repair skin tissues
• Moisturizing the skin
• Reduce sagging skin and dull skin
• Strengthen skin tightness, contract large pores
• Enhance skin metabolism
• Remove scars and cellulite
Internal Organs
• Powerful protection and strengthen internal organs function
• Promote bones health
• Prevention of joint disease
• Strong protection to vagina health
Other Functions
• Anti-aging
• Strengthens the immune system
• Promote detoxification
• Regulate hormones
• Powerful antioxidant
• Enhance cells regeneration
• Improve menstrual discomfort
• Promote natural sleep
• Slimming
• Eliminate cracks heels
Why Choose Us?
• Suitable for vegetarians
• High standard quality assurance
• GMP certified
• Certified by Ministry of Health of Malaysia
• Authentic HALAL certification issued by the Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development
Take 1 tablet twice a day before breakfast and before bedtime with 200cc of water. Do not take more than recommended. The tablet can be swallowed or chewed.
Main Ingredients: 
Innulin, Lemon, Hawthorn, Psyllium Husk, L Carnitine, Garcinia, Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan.
If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a chronic medical condition, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement. 
Not intended for use on persons under the age of 15.
All natural ingredients may cause slight discoloration and taste and this does not affect the quality. No artificial colorant.
Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of reach of children.
Specification: 60 Tablets
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Lemon iCollagen —— Q&A

Q: When is the best time to take Lemon iCollagen ?A: We recommend to take 1 tablet Lemon iCollagen twice a day before breakfast and before going to bed. Since early morning is a good time for our body to absorb nutrients, whereas the night time is the time for our body to repair our body systems.

Q: How long needed to see the effect of taking Lemon iCollagen?A: The effect reacts differently according to each person's body situation, generally after 7 days, the skin texture will become soft and smooth; around 28 days, skin brightness will be improved significantly, dark circles and crow’s feet are lighten; normal defecation, skin and health issues will be improved significantly.

Q: What are the advantages of Lemon iCollagen compared to other collagen products?A: Compared to other collagen beauty products, the effects of Lemon iCollagen are more comprehensive. In the market, most collagen products are just focused on the skin, whereas Lemon iCollagen not only beautify the skin, but also help to regulate our body systems. Lemon iCollagen is using 100% pure and natural collagen, without any hormones, sugar, fat, additives and preservatives. Other than that, Lemon iCollagen reacts more effectively, because the content is in small molecule, which can be absorbed by the skin more quickly. The price is also very reasonable which is only RM188 for one month consumption, it is lower than 35% of the collagen products in the market. Lemon iCollagen is good in taste, available in sweet and sour taste, neither fishy nor bitter and also not smelly.

Q: Will it lead to dependency? Will rebound after stopped taking Lemon iCollagen?A: Collagen is a component that contained in the body itself, so it is very suitable for long term consumption, there will be no dependency problems. Since the human body are losing collagen every day, stop taking Lemon iCollagen will no longer sufficient to maintain the collagen content in the body. Therefore, we recommend consumers to continue taking Lemon iCollagen on a regular basis even after there are some improvements.

Q: Will taking Lemon iCollagen lead to weight gain?A: Absolutely not. Because Lemon iCollagen contains no fat, sugar and preservatives, therefore it will not cause weight gain even take for long term.
Q: While taking other medicines at the same time, can I take Lemon iCollagen?A: The ingredient used in Lemon iCollagen does not produce any adverse reactions with the medicines. However, if you are receiving treatment or taking any other medicines, please kindly consult your physician for the professional medical advice before taking Lemon iCollagen.

Q: Besides women, can men take Lemon iCollagen?A: Of course. No matter male or female, after 25 years old, the human body's collagen will be lost gradually, leading to skin aging. Due to men having androgen secretion, excessive smoking, drinking, stress and other reasons, the skin in adulthood generally become more rough and yellowish, so they need to replenish collagen as well.

Q: Is eating pigskin, trotter, fish skin and other foods can replenish sufficient collagen?A: Eating these foods might be helpful on human collagen synthesis. However, the collagen contained in these food is generally present in state of hundreds thousands molecular, they must be decomposition repeatedly until become a single amino acid, then only can synthesis collagen according to the different requirement of the body, therefore the skin effect is minimal. On the other hand, these food usually have a high content of fat, which will easily lead to obesity and therefore not too suitable to eat frequently.

Q: Is applying collagen skin care products can help to replenish collagen?A: Many skin care products containing collagen, but the collagen molecules are larger and can only stay on the skin surface after applying, unable to penetrate into the dermis, therefore the skin is only satisfied temporarily, but cannot help to improve skin fundamentally.

Q: Does taking Lemon iCollagen bring any side effects?A: Lemon iCollagen obtained the certification from many major national certification authority, is absolutely safe, no side effects, consumers are assured to take.

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