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What are the benefits of breast milk soap? dear mummy just for sharing  turn your breastmilk to soap. It can be luxury to ur little one and family. Wechatjoey2383/whatsapp ‪#‎breastmilk‬

Milk-based beauty ingredients have been used since the time of Cleopatra. We all know that milk has amazing properties, and using it in a soap is not something new. But what about using breast milk as a main ingredient in your soap? As the homemade soaps and cosmetics trend has quickly caught on, breast milk soap is one of the newest luxury home-made items


What are the benefits of breast milk soap?

The main benefit of breast milk soap comes from the fact that human milk has a different chemical composition compared to cow’s milk and even goat’s milk. It contains much less sodium than cow’s milk, which means that it prevents DRY SKIN. The ratio of minerals, vitamins and essential fats is also different. Breast milk contains more of Vitamins A, C and E, which are extremely important for healthy skin. It also contains enzymes and proteins that the body can utilize immediately.
Using your own breast milk in a soap also means that the essential nutritional elements are much more bio-available. Most women that have used this soap report smoother and healthier skin. It can even be used for the face, an area that is very sensitive to harsh chemicals contained in FACIAL CLEANSERS.
Another benefit of breast milk soap is that it is completely organic. When making it, you will only use natural organic ingredients. This makes it ideal for your baby, who is much more sensitive to potential allergens and contaminants in regular cosmetics.

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