Friday, November 7, 2014

aurora serum de lgend targeted sturborn fat

Empty the most beautiful natural phenomena.
AUROA-Sérum utilization of de lgend more than 3650 days of high-tech ElecAuTM, is AURORA-Sérum de legend as "Painless Laser Cellulite" downsizing of the most critical keys. AUROA-Sérum de legend pursuit of women per every moment Transamerica charming, baby-like soft white skin, such as the myth of the immortal goddess.
AUROA-Sérum de legend particularly for those high fat and uneven skin pigmentation specializes dark. It can eliminate stubborn body fat, while the soft skin and reduce skin tones. In addition, AUROA-Sérum de legend also for severe edema, loose skin has a very significant treatment. It helps soothe the dermal layer of skin, promote the body to eliminate excess moisture tension discharge, adjusting the cell tissue, restoring tight skin. Long-term dieters no longer carrying the pressure, the pain to lose weight.
AUROA-Sérum delgend shocking effect
❂ continued to burn fat 16 hours
❂ prevent stubborn fat into fat
❂ use science and technology to eliminate stubborn fat ElecAuTM
❂ increase muscle tissue
❂ special deployment side firming
❂ forced equatorial stretch marks
❂ smooth skin
❂ eliminate and prevent edema problem
❂ increase metabolism
❂ targeted elimination of fat, especially the thighs and abdomen
❂ eliminate the epidermis and dermis of melanin
❂ prevent the formation of excess melanin in the skin epidermis
❂ adjust uneven skin tone
❂ increase skin moisture
❂ promote a more fair skin
❂ high-quality anti-aging and prevent skin sagging
* This report has been clinically tested in 50 volunteer women to use.
Special exclusive technology ElecAu
10 years ago, a number of scientists and the world's leading doctors can impact on human Aurora collaborative research. Their strong interest and belief finally finally reached fruition in the study of more than 3650 days. Researchers use Aurora flow mode, the current level of auroral color theory to simulate a four-color energy to burn fat! As long as there is friction moment, four-color energy can be gradually issued a similar safety and laser wave attack every one stubborn fat, and high melting fat, will not feel pain.
AUROA-Sérum de legend Notes:
1) Do not enter the eye cream, and if so, please rinse with plenty of water until completely hot.
2) used the cream, apply hand sanitizer to clean.
3) Not recommended for pregnant women and children eighteen years of age.
How to use: Use the right amount of product parts coated with a light massage, the product is completely absorbed. After using a few minutes there will be hot feeling, hot sensation based on individual circumstances, may be appropriate to increase or decrease the amount of product. After bathing and morning (morning and evening), the better.
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price one bottle rm 158 two bottle rm300

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