Saturday, December 27, 2014

Review Hair care product Toppik malaysia

Hi ladies or gentlemen today I'll be reviewing regarding one hair care product in malaysia that even if you’re losing your hair,you can still find ways to maintain your personal look and sense of style

i believe the  first thing you notice might be more hair than usual in your hair brush or clogging the shower drain. Or you see that your hairline  is getting wider or that your hair seems to be thinning overall. If hair loss progress you may wonder, am I going bald?oh no !!!!!

Female/men hair loss  can cause a feeling of self-consciousness

Hair loss have always been something that bothering me especially with so much stress at work . I came to notice my hair had been much thin than than it had been before. Therefore i start googling what product that can make my hair look thicker and hide my hair loss. I came across one very interesting product call toppik hair building fiber which i end up searching for them on you tube.

The video look amazing but i doubt this is real LOL.!!!!! So i try finding these product in malaysia and i found a local company call global hair solution selling these product.

Those reader interested to know more information about their fabulous hair care product?
#toppikmalaysia is their website name , full link is

It claim to be able to get full and thicker head or hair in just 30 seconds , so i figure i ve to give it a try and purchase it from toppikmalaysia .There re different size available at their website , 12G,27.5G and the largest one at 55G and colour available is mainly black and dark brown. I purchase the toppik 27.5g as i think it is more worth in gram and a fiber fixing spray with head applicator
I choose dark brown instead of black because i think it is more suite my hair colour.

Here is my parcel as weeeeeeeee!!!!as per above and the best is It took only 1 days for the item i purchase to arrived, quite efficient service !thumbs up !!! :p
To my surprise , this product do really keep on it's hype ! My hair thicken up immediately after applying the toppik fiber just like magic ^^

It seem to be somekind of fiber based protein according to their website and it really do look very like made from hair material because it blend in very natural with my own hair , just like hundred of tiny hair and the best thing is i can comb it like my real hair 

How to apply?

I am more confidence with toppik now that my hair thicker.
I really recommend this product to anyone out there that have thinning or hairloss problem , have the potential to be someone saviour ^^


Updated P.S :
 I later found out there is also a product call caboki which are very similar to toppik but after try both i think toppik fiber result in more natural look and cling on better even without the fixing spray 
All my reviews are based on my personal opinion only #
Happy trying :)

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