Saturday, July 4, 2015

Face slimming belt say good bye to double chin ,wrinkles

If u think waist need slimming then your face also need to be slim as well. Say bye bye to your double chin now. Helps in the reduction of wrinkles, cellulite as well as the improvement of skin elasticity
Reduces the appearance of double chins and sagging skin
Burns excess fat under the chin
Intensively lifts skin for a younger and slimmer look
Get moist, smooth, healthy skin and most importantly a clear V-line facial contour when use the product repetitively
Natural, safe and effective; lifts up face and reduces fats and stubborn double chins
Made of Neoprene: the most popular and used industrial rubber sheet due to its all rounded excellent quality
Helps activate the sauna effect and detoxify the chin area
Creates a clear chin line by pressing the meridian points on the face to prevent skin from ageing
Can be used daily color pink  4unit available price rm28 interested pm me now wechatjoey2383/Whatsapp 60123757185

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