Tuesday, November 8, 2016

kaffir lime soap handmade feng shui soap

From the Asian people believe that some fruits such as the Kaffir Lime can ward off evil spirits or negative energy and have long used them as a medium to remove bad luck or buang sial and attract good fortune.Besides playing an important role in space cleansing and the South East Asian cuisine, the Kaffir Lime also has unique biological properties which affect bacterial strains and are very helpful in medicinal preparations. Therefore due to the Kaffir Lime’s pleasant aroma, anti-bacterial properties and traditional uses, it has become a great source for personal care product . Introduce our aroma soap glycerine aroma bar kaffir lime soap ameryllis with himalayan salt cleansing inside.size 80g price rm10 perpcs interested order pm Joey 0123757185 wechatjoey2383

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