Thursday, October 19, 2017

epistick hair removal

The Epistick  face threading tool is Environmental friendly and reusable:

✓ Epistick  made of the finest material and it is reusable multiple times.
✓ No heating required.
✓ No batteries required.
✓ No power charging required.
✓ Go green effortlessly with Epistick

Easy to use:

✓ Just Bend and Roll.
✓ No need for mirrors.

Convenient and save you time:

✓ No more salon appointments.
✓ No more waiting for bleaching and depilatory products to take effect.
✓ Use Epistick anytime or whenever the need calls for it.
✓ No more messy preparations.
✓ Reclaim the extra time for yourself.

Small enough to carry around:

✓ Epistick is small and light enough to go where ever you are. Best for “hairy emergencies”.
✓ Slip Epistick into your handbag and leave one in your car.

Able to remove very fine and short facial hair quickly and effectively:

✓ Unlike waxing/tweezing/traditional facial hair threading, there is no need to wait for hair to grow until a certain length before you can remove it.

Finer hair re-growth:

✓ It is proven that removing facial hair with Epistick results in finer hair regrowth as facial hair are removed from the roots.

Save your skin:

✓ Using Epistick does not “remove a layer of skin” like waxing or traditional threading does.
✓ There is no need to pull or stretch your skin when using Epistick. No risk of causing wrinkles!
✓ Do away with strong bleaching and depilatory creams which contain strong chemicals that sometimes will cause adverse effects on pregnant and breast-feeding mothers and women with very delicate and sensitive skin.

Low risks of outbreaks:

✓ Epistick is coated with specially formulated hypo-allergenic material to minimise breakouts.
✓ Saves you money.
✓ With repeated use of Epistick, you could achieve potential savings of over rm800  in a year!  Click now to order now #Epistick  #hairremoval