Wednesday, January 17, 2018

palo Santo stick n spray

imported Palo Santo sticks and spray.How to use:
1. Burn the sticks for its citrus grounding aroma to fill ur space.
2. Burn and smudge ur rooms, halls or office as cleansing.
3. Put a stick under your pillow for a sound sleep.
4. Put in ur handbag or wallets for the aroma and to 'attract' $. 5. Throw into a pail or ur normal bathroom water container and bath ur body for a refreshing aromatic bath. U may even experience less body ache.
Price: rm10 per stick. Minimum order is 5 sticks. We got Palo Santo spray  also rm28  Standard Postage Rate :~
500g & below : RM10 WM / RM15 EM
501g-1kg : RM15 WM / RM20 EM
Every additional 500g : + RM5Joey online enterprise  SSM REG 002686988-M  wechatjoey2383/watsapp 0123757185

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