Monday, October 15, 2018

Tips to handwash and care your bra

😬Tips to hand wash and care for your bra. Always hand washes you bra, 🌸So for that take a bucket of lukewarm water, and add washing detergent to it. Soak the bras in it for a while, 🌸Then using a toothbrush gently rub the edges of the bra. 🌻Make sure not to use a washing brush as it’s very harsh on the bra.🌸 Finally, rinse it with cold water.🌸 Do not squeeze or twist the bra to remove excess water from the cups. 🌸You’ll risk damaging the fabric and distorting the cup shape.  Follow us more weekly tips @Brabeautyproductmalaysia  #brabeautyshop #joeyshoppingmalls photo credit to Goodway

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