Saturday, January 5, 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 Feng shui tips kaffir lime body wash

Chinese new year surely wan fatttt fattt fattt
Try our heng ong huat kaffir lime body shampoo now! Attract all ong ong luck luck come!

 Promotion price set for coming CNY  for body shampoo kaffir lime heng ong huattt as below
Buy one bottle rm35 exclude postage
Buy twinpack for 750ml only rm55 free postage WM  /EM please check postage fees with me
Buy 4 x 300ml value buy rm50 exclude postage
Buy 12 bottle 750ml rm288 free postage WM EM pls chck postage with me

Buy 24 bottle 300ml rm288 free postage WM /EM postage please chck with me postage.

Interested to place order  can pm me joey
Wasapp 0123757185 / wechatjoey2383

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